Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 5 Top Buying Tips

Spring is already in the air and that means Mother’s Day is just around the corner. You want to buy a thoughtful mothers day gift for your Mum, Wife or even Grandma but you have drawn a blank, as a result will it be flowers and chocolates again?

Find a Thoughtful Mothers Day Gift for your Mum ….

How do you find something she will love; will show you care and how special she is, without breaking the bank? We at Antique Rose have put our Giftology skills in to practice to give you with the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide to buying a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.

The key to a thoughtful mother’s day gift is taking time out to think what she really likes and finding a gift that will make her smile, this may just be a gift with a heartfelt message or choosing a gift in their favourite colour or pattern. Read on for our Top 5 tip tips to treat your Mum because let’s face it, she’s worth it even if she is a bit awkward to buy for ….

1.      What’s her favourite Colour?

A simple tip is to go for her favourite colour because first of all you can’t go wrong and most importantly it shows you are paying attention, consequently being thoughtful. Not sure what her favourite colour is? Think about what colour she wears a lot of, how is the house decorated, what flowers is she always drawn to?

Floral Powder Scarf
Choose a beautiful Scarf in her favourite colour

The next part is simple just find something you know she’ll love in that colour, a new purse, a gorgeous scarf, a candle or a lovely notebook as a result that gift becomes thoughtful because it’s a colour she loves ..

Katie Loxton Handbags
Treat her to a new handbag in spring colours, like one of these from Katie Loxton

2.      What’s her style, Floral, Flamingo’s or Rustic?

Flamingo Gift

Everyone has a style or an animal they gravitate towards, for the kids at the minute it’s unicorns, I personally love a flamingo. The concept of standing tall and wearing a crown appeals to me .. but the trick is to find what appeals to your Mum to get the most unique mothers day gift to her.

Daffodil Sterling Silver Necklace by Christian Ranger
Find the perfect piece of Jewellery to make your Mum Smile

Floral is usually a safe bet especially with Mum’s of a certain age, be it a new mug, scarf or even some flowers in a gorgeous pot you know that will put a smile on her face.

Gin Shimmer Popaball
Does you Mum like Gin, pick a gift to make her G&T perfect !

Some Mum’s like a bit of bling go for gold and sparkly items and some like something more sedate with a more rustic theme. And everyone’s Mum has a favourite tipple even if it is a cup of tea … this is a really easy way to theme a gift a fab Gin Glass with a bottle of Gin and some cucumber flavour Gin Shimmer Job done !!

3.      Will she prefer a Treat for Her or For the Home?

To ensure you pick a really thoughtful mother’s day gift you need to decide if your Mum would prefer a gift for her or a gift for her home. Easiest way to decide think about when she treats herself is it a new top or a candle?

Choosing a Mother’s Day Gift for Her

Flower Sterling Silver Earrings by Christian Ranger

Some Mum’s will relish the opportunity to receive a treat for themselves, so if that’s your Mum, choose her a new item to wear, a gorgeous piece of jewellery or a fun pair of socks, ensuring a very happy Mum. When choosing Jewellery find out if she prefers gold or silver, fine or chunky, bracelets or necklaces, resulting in the perfect thoughtful mothers day gift for her!

Choose a Mother’s Day Gift for the Home

Hand Carved Picture Frame

Maybe there is nothing your Mum loves more than a gorgeous smelling candle, a plaque with a great saying, a new doorstop or a picture frame with a family photo. Therefore, if your Mum sees her home as her pride and joy this is a great option with a wealth of gift ideas, and can be done on any budget. Check out Maison Rustic for lots of home gift ideas.

Love you to the moon and back  LED Plaque Thoughtful Mother's day gift

If your Mum has been an extra special help this year you may want to spoil her, if so get her a piece of wall art, a new mirror or a  lamp for a corner she has been trying to fill. Be sure to pick her favourite colour or her favourite shop and keep the receipt then she can always swap it, after all it’s the thought that counts.

4.      What’s her favourite smell?

Stoneglow Candles Wild Rose Thoughtful Mother's day gift
Wild Rose or Floral Scents for the home are perfect if your mum loves this scent !

A safe but not necessarily boring Mother’s Day gift idea is always a candle or diffuser. The key to making this thoughtful is knowing her favourite scent and or brand. Does she love floral smells bringing back memories of summer days, sweet smells to evoke the smell of the fresh baked cakes she loves or more subtle smells like fresh linen or coastal breeze to calm and relax her in her favourite room.

Woodwick Spring fragrances a Thoughtful Mother's day gift

Candles come in so many shapes and sizes from a small tin to a large multi or crackling wick, you can choose from colours, styles and themes to pick out the perfect thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Whatever, her taste and on any budget, there is always a candle you can choose to show how thoughtful you can be.

Pintail Tin Candles perfect Thoughtful Mother's day gift

5.      Find a Thoughtful Message.

Finally, if you are not inspired by any of the above go for something that says it with words. Gifts with messages work well as Mother’s Day gifts for Grandma or Mummy, especially from the kids because kids like to overtly say or show their love with words, trust us we see it in our shop every day. They also love to buy a gift with a favourite saying like ‘Love you to the Moon and Back’ or simply ‘Love u Nana’ or ‘Love u Mummy’ both impossible to source, we know!

Handmade Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts Cushion

However, because of this we have gifts with these saying made especially for this time of year including little sentiment decorations, cushions, make up bags and some mugs. In addition if you want to make it really special try to find something personalised with your town ‘Best Mummy in Wokingham’ , this is one of our best sellers and we try to change up the stock of this every year.

Handmade Hanging Sentiment Decorations Thoughtful mother's day gift

As a last result, if you find it hard to express how you feel a Mug with Mum in a Million or simply Love u maybe the most thoughtful gift she’s ever received. A sentimental message can speak a thousand words, if they are from the right person.

Mum Mug  Thoughtful Mother's day gift Gisela Graham

Here at Antique Rose our Giftologists are always looking for inspirational gift ideas for your Mum. So start thinking and observing now ,the best way to find the most thoughtful mother’s day gift is to start paying attention. Watch out for hints see what she likes and what she has been coveting online and find your Mum a thoughtful gift this Mother’s Day.

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