7 Good Gifts for Teachers Under £15

Struggling to find good gifts for teachers, constantly asking yourself what is the perfect teacher gift for the end of the school year?

Teacher gifts
Unique Teacher gifts for under £10 from Antique Rose Gifts

It’s not easy to find thoughtful teacher gifts on a budget. If you are looking for unique teacher gift ideas you are in the right place. We’ve been chatting to teachers to get the inside scoop on “what teachers really want?”. Let the Giftologists at Antique Rose walk you through their 7 top tips for the best teacher presents under £15!

1 – To Mug or Not to Mug

Choose one of these Travel Mugs as a gift for a teacher at only £12 its a great gift!Teachers are always drinking coffee and tea right, so they must need more teacher mugs? Wrong!! Ask a teacher what they want and their response will be anything but another teacher mug!! Mugs are a great gift especially if it’s unique to the person .. do you know enough about your teacher to buy a mug they will appreciate? I asked my teacher friend how about a travel mug instead? Then she smiled “ooo yes” she said “they are always useful and avoid desk spillages and I love funky lunch bags!” So if you choose a mug make it great or a bit different like one of the travel mugs below with a fun message check out our selection of travel mugs and flasks here our thermal range also keep drinks hot for 5hrs!

teacher gift ideas
Travel Mugs make a Unique Teacher gift at only 12

Giftologist Tip – Teachers have too many mugs!

2-Make it Personal

letter gift, teacher gift
Letter coasters make a great personal gift
Teacher Gift
Handmade in our Shop Personalisable tags

Personalised gifts are all the rage so why stop with Teachers, I mean everyone loves a personalised gift right so they must be good gifts for teachers? Yes and no …  a personalised gift on your wedding from a close friend is a lovely touch to remember the day but are you close enough to your child’s teacher to get them a personalised teacher gift they will treasure from your child? How about something with their initial on instead like a Coaster, you can mix with a Mr or Mrs coaster, then it’s thoughtful fun but not too personal!!

Unique Handmade Teacher Tag Personalisable made by Antique RoseAt Antique Rose we create handmade  wooden hanging teacher decorations with thank you teacher on it, they are hand painted and lovingly prepared by us. What makes them a bit personal is we chalk board paint the back so your child can sign their name, a small personalised teacher gift for under £5, hang it around the neck of a bottle of wine  to really make your teacher smile.

Giftologist Tip – Personalised teacher gifts only works if you know the person well enough!

3-What’s their Favourite?

Do you know your child’s teacher well enough to pick out the perfect teacher gift for them or are you going to have to play it safe? The best gifts are those that make us fell understood listened to and cared about. When a friend buys you the perfect scarf to match your new coat in your favourite colour, you know she’s been paying attention and has put some real thought! Slightly more tricky picking a theme or colour with a Teacher gift, you may have picked up on a life event like a upcoming wedding or birth of a baby you can link in to but past that it may be tricky!! So play it safe and buy stationary, good gifts for teachers as every teacher loves gorgeous stationary, notebooks, pads, pens you name it they love it and you can get some gorgeous ones your teacher will love for under £10, we have created a full selection see it here.

Gorgeous stationary, great for organising prices start under £5

Giftologist Tip – Teachers Love Stationary!

4-Pick Something Yummy

gourmet chocolate, teacher gift
Beautifully Packaged gourmet chocolate in 6 yummy flavours only £4.50

It may not seem very imaginative or last very long but if you’re a teacher a sweet treat you wouldn’t normally buy yourself like a great bar of chocolate or a mug cake is much appreciated !! This is a perfect teacher gift but make it special, choose a high quality chocolate bar like Coco Chocolatier or something a bit different like a Gourmet Chocolate Pizza, just  make sure you give it to the teacher yourself or it may not make it past the school gates!!

Giftologist Tip – There’s no such thing as too much chocolate!

5-It’s time for a tipple !

By the end of July most teachers are ready for some R&R and a good stiff drink. Possibly the best teacher gift you can give is a bottle of their favourite tipple, let’s face it they look after 30 children a day, be it Gin or Prosecco or a nice bottle of Wine, they are gong to need a drink.

vineyard, prosecco candle, teacher gift
Scented candles handmade in the uk starting at £9

This is a great gift for male teachers too, to make it a bit more original why not choose a Gin Glass with some shimmer or popaballs to make it fun or a  Prosecco scented candle? Antique Rose have a great selection of Gin, Wine and Prosecco gifts good gifts for teachers if you don’t actually feel quite right giving your teacher a bottle of the real thing!

gin shimmer, gin gift, gin and tonic,
Gin glass with Gin shimmer is a great for gin lovers for under £15

Giftologist Tip: Teacher’s love a drink!

6-And Relax ..

Candles are safe but they are a good gifts for teachers as they sum up what teachers really need at the end of the school year, a bit of time to relax! Be it in the garden on a long summers evening or in a relaxing bubble bath, candles help set the mood and tone for relaxation.

scented candles
Pintail candles only £6 perfect token gift

Candles come in all shapes and sizes and smells, so you can pick the right candle for your teacher and your price point. We love pintail tin candles simple but effective with a great choice of scents and great value for money. Alternatively, if you want to splash out Stoneglow Candles smell amazing and come in gorgeously designed glass jars. Whichever you choose it’s one of our top teacher gifts!

stoneglow candles
Stoneglow candles smell divine and look so pretty!

Giftologist Tip – Can’t go wrong with candles!

7-Take the Easy Option

If you really cant decide on what makes a good gift for teachers then gift vouchers will always be a safe bet. Choose their favourite shop which sells lovely things, try to support an independent shop if you can, or go for a big brand like John Lewis with lots of choice. Team it with a sweet treat and show your appreciation, save yourself the time and stress of trying t find a gift. It’s a myth that gift vouchers are impersonal if you choose the right shop your teacher will be very grateful you did’t buy them another mug!!

Choose independent shops for a more unique Gift Voucher

Giftologist Tip – Gift Vouchers are not a cop out !