How do you celebrate a mum in a million?

Mum, mummy, mother, mama – whatever you call her or whoever she is, she is amazing and so very special to you. In fact, she is probably so special and precious that you cannot really capture what she means to you in words: selfless, dependable, amazing, strong, greatest, beautiful, love, stylish, smart, happy, caring, treasured, adored, brilliant, precious, amazing, marvellous … let alone a gift. She is simply a mum in a million.

The blessing of a mother in your life, whether she is your birth mother, adopted mother, step-mother, your godmother, aunt, grandmother, nanny or another marvellous lady who is instrumental in your life, it all comes down to the love you have for her and the love she has for you.

While we love our mums every single day, Mothering Sunday gives us the opportunity to really celebrate her and say thank you. An opportunity to tell her that she is appreciated and all of those wonderful words that describe her.

However, how can you show this fabulous lady just how wonderful she is and how much you love her? Can a gift really say all of these things and more?

A celebration

The gift should be a celebration of the uniqueness of your mum and the unique relationship you have. It needs to be personal and speak a thousand words. It needs to convey a personal message from the heart. It needs to touch her soul as she has touched yours. It needs to show how much she means to you. It’s also an opportunity to spread this love across families and generations. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune, instead it’s about the thought behind it. Not a last-minute rush to grab chocolates and flowers from the nearest shop or petrol station but a thought-out gift to celebrate your mum in a million.

Say it with words

Yes, there will never be enough words to tell your mum just what she means to you but you can get close withthoughtful gifts with meaningful words. Why not celebrate this special day by bringing her breakfast in bed with a cup of tea in a special mug just for mum – it’s got her name on it so no one can sneakily borrow it! Couple this with the perfect card that says just how you feel in her favourite colours or style to show that you do get her, even if you’re a dad steering your young children to choose the right one.

Mums give the best cuddles, so reserve her space on the sofa ready for cuddles and precious time together with a cushion that says just that – reserved for mum! Knowing that there is always a special place for mum will bring a smile to her face every time she sits down.

There are so many options to help you celebrate your mum with carefully chosen words, from frames to trinket dishes, mugs and glasses to cushions, make up bags, tokens – all with that special message that you want your mum to know. I love you. You are beautiful. You are marvellous. You are amazing. You are my friend.

Spread the love

It’s important to teach our children the importance of showing love and appreciation and for those wonderful little people they want special gifts for their mummies. To them, they may not quite yet understand all the other words adults can use but the most important word to them is mummy. This is a great opportunity for dads to step in, or other family members, and guide those little ones. Imagine their delight each time mummy has a drink from a special mug that they chose, or a frame with a favourite photo capturing precious memories. She no doubt loves them to the moon and back and children will love to pass this message back to her in a variety of ways from tokens to cards; better still, why not steer them to buy mum a card with sweets in. Two presents in one! For those of you based in Wokingham, she surely is the best Mummy in Wokingham and children will love to boast that this is the perfect description for their mummy.

Find her perfect…

Mums aren’t just mums and have their favourite hobbies or styles that we know and love them for. For those mums who love a nice smelling house, why not choose a candle or diffuser that evokes memories of holidays or their favourite tipple. Reminding them of special memories is a great theme for a gift. For those mums who could always throw a picnic together and took you to the park, why not do the same with a stylish lunch bag and cup and take your mum to a favourite spot. Or gift your mum another stylish scarf or bag, reminding her that you do know exactly what she likes. Keeping your mum up with the trends is easy with timeless and beautiful jewellery as precious as she is and a thoughtful gift knowing exactly what your mum would like.

If your mum is a list maker or recipe collector then funky stationary is a must; definitely one for a marvellous mum. Showing your mum how well you know her is so very special, down to the tiniest detail.

For all types of mums

There are so many types of mums in the world and the love of a mum transcends generations and families. It may be that your grandma brought you up or has been a key figure in your life, or your auntie needs reminding how special she is and that she is just like a mum to you. It can be difficult to celebrate these ladies when everything says mum or mummy. You need to find a gift that is personal to them and speaks to their heart as well. Again, it should be a reflection of how well you know them and the unique relationship you have. Finding a gift with words to celebrate being grandma’s pride and joy or to say thank you for being a supportive nanny is not always easy. If you can’t find the right words then it’s important to capture their special essence too – do they need spoiling with bath bombs or a spontaneous afternoon tea with a mug cake? Or their initials on a gold mug or rose gold necklace to keep you forever close to their hearts.

Whatever you choose and for whoever it is intended, don’t forget the finer details. Mums spend hours wrapping presents and making them look inviting and special so don’t forget to return this favour too!