Spring into Easter! How to decorate your home for the season …

It’s time to bring in the fun of Easter and decorate your home with delightful decorations in shades of Spring and touches of on-trend metallics.

What do you think of when you think of Easter? Chocolates? Eggs? Bunnies? Family? Fun? Spring? All of these essential elements are part of the magic of Easter and present the perfect opportunity to welcome in new beginnings – Spring, longer days, nature’s colourful palette, outdoor fun, picnics…

It’s also the perfect time to update your home with new Spring colours and bring the magic of Easter inside.

Easter is fast becoming the new Christmas and the opportunity to celebrate and creatively welcome in the new season, but how exactly do you celebrate without just overdosing on chocolate eggs, chocolate eggs and more chocolate eggs?

Easter trees

Like Christmas trees, Easter trees are fast becoming a popular way to celebrate Easter, with its roots originated in a centuries-old German tradition of decorating trees and bushes with Easter eggs, known as the Ostereierbaum. This tradition is also found in Austria, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic.

These spectacular and beautiful trees look stunning with Easter-themed decorations and give the opportunity to really embrace the coming of Spring and all the wonderful colours Spring’s palette has to offer.

Choose your style and make a centre piece at your Easter table. Popular colours include pastel shades of Spring, bright yellows or trendy metallics and, particularly, rose gold.

Hanging decorations

Choosing hanging decorations for your Easter tree is as exciting as choosing decorations for your Christmas tree and you can put on as many or as little as you want. Beautiful and delicate glass or ceramic eggs are popular, painted in traditional Spring colours or in traditional spotty egg patterns. Rose gold eggs look particularly stunning on white or rose gold trees and bring a modern twist to Easter.

Other options include chicks, ducks, lambs and bunnies – all perfect reminders of Spring and the beginning of new life and warmer, longer days.

Alongside creating an Easter showcase at your table, these beautiful decorations are also great for gifting or assigning to each of your guests, representing your Easter family for your Easter gathering. Children will be particularly delighted to be part of this.

Easter bunnies

While eggs are synonymous with Easter, so too are bunnies. An ancient symbol of fertility and new life, it is alleged that the Easter bunny first arrived in America in the 1700s with German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania and transported their tradition of an egg-laying hare called Osterhase. Children would make nests in which the Osterhause could lay its colourful eggs and this has evolved to the chocolates and sweets we have today, including the popular Easter Egg Hunt to find eggs left by the Easter Bunny.

Decorating with Easter bunnies nestled in a bed of carrots or amongst Spring flowers is perfect to bring the magic of Easter inside and can be an additional cute and fun part of an Easter Egg Hunt with the bunnies as part of the prize.

Chicks and more

There are lots of other ways to decorate for Easter, including cute ornaments and snow globes, as well as larger decorations keeping with the Easter theme and introducing chicks and lambs. These can be instead of a tree or complement your Easter decorations. How much you decorate for Easter is really up to you! It’s all about bringing those Spring colours into your home and brightening it up as we say goodbye to Winter and hello to sunshine – we hope!

Don’t forget THE Easter Egg Hunt

A huge necessity for Easter morning is the hunt for Easter treats left by the Easter Bunny. Children love this tradition so make it all the more special for them with dressing up accessories and the best baskets to collect their goodies in.

Funky bunny or carrot ears are a fun addition to a hunt, while Easter bonnets are also deeply steeped in tradition to represent the beginning of spring with a new bonnet. Children love to create their own bonnets and decorate with Easter themed decorations and are a marvellous way to celebrate the fun of Easter, with time off for crafty creations.