Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 5 Top Buying Tips

Spring is already in the air and that means Mother’s Day is just around the corner. You want to buy a thoughtful mothers day gift for your Mum, Wife or even Grandma but you have drawn a blank, as a result will it be flowers and chocolates again?

Find a Thoughtful Mothers Day Gift for your Mum ….

How do you find something she will love; will show you care and how special she is, without breaking the bank? We at Antique Rose have put our Giftology skills in to practice to give you with the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide to buying a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.

The key to a thoughtful mother’s day gift is taking time out to think what she really likes and finding a gift that will make her smile, this may just be a gift with a heartfelt message or choosing a gift in their favourite colour or pattern. Read on for our Top 5 tip tips to treat your Mum because let’s face it, she’s worth it even if she is a bit awkward to buy for ….

1.      What’s her favourite Colour?

A simple tip is to go for her favourite colour because first of all you can’t go wrong and most importantly it shows you are paying attention, consequently being thoughtful. Not sure what her favourite colour is? Think about what colour she wears a lot of, how is the house decorated, what flowers is she always drawn to?

Floral Powder Scarf
Choose a beautiful Scarf in her favourite colour

The next part is simple just find something you know she’ll love in that colour, a new purse, a gorgeous scarf, a candle or a lovely notebook as a result that gift becomes thoughtful because it’s a colour she loves ..

Katie Loxton Handbags
Treat her to a new handbag in spring colours, like one of these from Katie Loxton

2.      What’s her style, Floral, Flamingo’s or Rustic?

Flamingo Gift

Everyone has a style or an animal they gravitate towards, for the kids at the minute it’s unicorns, I personally love a flamingo. The concept of standing tall and wearing a crown appeals to me .. but the trick is to find what appeals to your Mum to get the most unique mothers day gift to her.

Daffodil Sterling Silver Necklace by Christian Ranger
Find the perfect piece of Jewellery to make your Mum Smile

Floral is usually a safe bet especially with Mum’s of a certain age, be it a new mug, scarf or even some flowers in a gorgeous pot you know that will put a smile on her face.

Gin Shimmer Popaball
Does you Mum like Gin, pick a gift to make her G&T perfect !

Some Mum’s like a bit of bling go for gold and sparkly items and some like something more sedate with a more rustic theme. And everyone’s Mum has a favourite tipple even if it is a cup of tea … this is a really easy way to theme a gift a fab Gin Glass with a bottle of Gin and some cucumber flavour Gin Shimmer Job done !!

3.      Will she prefer a Treat for Her or For the Home?

To ensure you pick a really thoughtful mother’s day gift you need to decide if your Mum would prefer a gift for her or a gift for her home. Easiest way to decide think about when she treats herself is it a new top or a candle?

Choosing a Mother’s Day Gift for Her

Flower Sterling Silver Earrings by Christian Ranger

Some Mum’s will relish the opportunity to receive a treat for themselves, so if that’s your Mum, choose her a new item to wear, a gorgeous piece of jewellery or a fun pair of socks, ensuring a very happy Mum. When choosing Jewellery find out if she prefers gold or silver, fine or chunky, bracelets or necklaces, resulting in the perfect thoughtful mothers day gift for her!

Choose a Mother’s Day Gift for the Home

Hand Carved Picture Frame

Maybe there is nothing your Mum loves more than a gorgeous smelling candle, a plaque with a great saying, a new doorstop or a picture frame with a family photo. Therefore, if your Mum sees her home as her pride and joy this is a great option with a wealth of gift ideas, and can be done on any budget. Check out Maison Rustic for lots of home gift ideas.

Love you to the moon and back  LED Plaque Thoughtful Mother's day gift

If your Mum has been an extra special help this year you may want to spoil her, if so get her a piece of wall art, a new mirror or a  lamp for a corner she has been trying to fill. Be sure to pick her favourite colour or her favourite shop and keep the receipt then she can always swap it, after all it’s the thought that counts.

4.      What’s her favourite smell?

Stoneglow Candles Wild Rose Thoughtful Mother's day gift
Wild Rose or Floral Scents for the home are perfect if your mum loves this scent !

A safe but not necessarily boring Mother’s Day gift idea is always a candle or diffuser. The key to making this thoughtful is knowing her favourite scent and or brand. Does she love floral smells bringing back memories of summer days, sweet smells to evoke the smell of the fresh baked cakes she loves or more subtle smells like fresh linen or coastal breeze to calm and relax her in her favourite room.

Woodwick Spring fragrances a Thoughtful Mother's day gift

Candles come in so many shapes and sizes from a small tin to a large multi or crackling wick, you can choose from colours, styles and themes to pick out the perfect thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Whatever, her taste and on any budget, there is always a candle you can choose to show how thoughtful you can be.

Pintail Tin Candles perfect Thoughtful Mother's day gift

5.      Find a Thoughtful Message.

Finally, if you are not inspired by any of the above go for something that says it with words. Gifts with messages work well as Mother’s Day gifts for Grandma or Mummy, especially from the kids because kids like to overtly say or show their love with words, trust us we see it in our shop every day. They also love to buy a gift with a favourite saying like ‘Love you to the Moon and Back’ or simply ‘Love u Nana’ or ‘Love u Mummy’ both impossible to source, we know!

Handmade Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts Cushion

However, because of this we have gifts with these saying made especially for this time of year including little sentiment decorations, cushions, make up bags and some mugs. In addition if you want to make it really special try to find something personalised with your town ‘Best Mummy in Wokingham’ , this is one of our best sellers and we try to change up the stock of this every year.

Handmade Hanging Sentiment Decorations Thoughtful mother's day gift

As a last result, if you find it hard to express how you feel a Mug with Mum in a Million or simply Love u maybe the most thoughtful gift she’s ever received. A sentimental message can speak a thousand words, if they are from the right person.

Mum Mug  Thoughtful Mother's day gift Gisela Graham

Here at Antique Rose our Giftologists are always looking for inspirational gift ideas for your Mum. So start thinking and observing now ,the best way to find the most thoughtful mother’s day gift is to start paying attention. Watch out for hints see what she likes and what she has been coveting online and find your Mum a thoughtful gift this Mother’s Day.

Check out our full selection of thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts at

7 Good Gifts for Teachers Under £15

Struggling to find good gifts for teachers, constantly asking yourself what is the perfect teacher gift for the end of the school year?

Teacher gifts
Unique Teacher gifts for under £10 from Antique Rose Gifts

It’s not easy to find thoughtful teacher gifts on a budget. If you are looking for unique teacher gift ideas you are in the right place. We’ve been chatting to teachers to get the inside scoop on “what teachers really want?”. Let the Giftologists at Antique Rose walk you through their 7 top tips for the best teacher presents under £15!

1 – To Mug or Not to Mug

Choose one of these Travel Mugs as a gift for a teacher at only £12 its a great gift!Teachers are always drinking coffee and tea right, so they must need more teacher mugs? Wrong!! Ask a teacher what they want and their response will be anything but another teacher mug!! Mugs are a great gift especially if it’s unique to the person .. do you know enough about your teacher to buy a mug they will appreciate? I asked my teacher friend how about a travel mug instead? Then she smiled “ooo yes” she said “they are always useful and avoid desk spillages and I love funky lunch bags!” So if you choose a mug make it great or a bit different like one of the travel mugs below with a fun message check out our selection of travel mugs and flasks here our thermal range also keep drinks hot for 5hrs!

teacher gift ideas
Travel Mugs make a Unique Teacher gift at only 12

Giftologist Tip – Teachers have too many mugs!

2-Make it Personal

letter gift, teacher gift
Letter coasters make a great personal gift

Teacher Gift
Handmade in our Shop Personalisable tags

Personalised gifts are all the rage so why stop with Teachers, I mean everyone loves a personalised gift right so they must be good gifts for teachers? Yes and no …  a personalised gift on your wedding from a close friend is a lovely touch to remember the day but are you close enough to your child’s teacher to get them a personalised teacher gift they will treasure from your child? How about something with their initial on instead like a Coaster, you can mix with a Mr or Mrs coaster, then it’s thoughtful fun but not too personal!!

Unique Handmade Teacher Tag Personalisable made by Antique RoseAt Antique Rose we create handmade  wooden hanging teacher decorations with thank you teacher on it, they are hand painted and lovingly prepared by us. What makes them a bit personal is we chalk board paint the back so your child can sign their name, a small personalised teacher gift for under £5, hang it around the neck of a bottle of wine  to really make your teacher smile.

Giftologist Tip – Personalised teacher gifts only works if you know the person well enough!

3-What’s their Favourite?

Do you know your child’s teacher well enough to pick out the perfect teacher gift for them or are you going to have to play it safe? The best gifts are those that make us fell understood listened to and cared about. When a friend buys you the perfect scarf to match your new coat in your favourite colour, you know she’s been paying attention and has put some real thought! Slightly more tricky picking a theme or colour with a Teacher gift, you may have picked up on a life event like a upcoming wedding or birth of a baby you can link in to but past that it may be tricky!! So play it safe and buy stationary, good gifts for teachers as every teacher loves gorgeous stationary, notebooks, pads, pens you name it they love it and you can get some gorgeous ones your teacher will love for under £10, we have created a full selection see it here.

Gorgeous stationary, great for organising prices start under £5

Giftologist Tip – Teachers Love Stationary!

4-Pick Something Yummy

gourmet chocolate, teacher gift
Beautifully Packaged gourmet chocolate in 6 yummy flavours only £4.50

It may not seem very imaginative or last very long but if you’re a teacher a sweet treat you wouldn’t normally buy yourself like a great bar of chocolate or a mug cake is much appreciated !! This is a perfect teacher gift but make it special, choose a high quality chocolate bar like Coco Chocolatier or something a bit different like a Gourmet Chocolate Pizza, just  make sure you give it to the teacher yourself or it may not make it past the school gates!!

Giftologist Tip – There’s no such thing as too much chocolate!

5-It’s time for a tipple !

By the end of July most teachers are ready for some R&R and a good stiff drink. Possibly the best teacher gift you can give is a bottle of their favourite tipple, let’s face it they look after 30 children a day, be it Gin or Prosecco or a nice bottle of Wine, they are gong to need a drink.

vineyard, prosecco candle, teacher gift
Scented candles handmade in the uk starting at £9

This is a great gift for male teachers too, to make it a bit more original why not choose a Gin Glass with some shimmer or popaballs to make it fun or a  Prosecco scented candle? Antique Rose have a great selection of Gin, Wine and Prosecco gifts good gifts for teachers if you don’t actually feel quite right giving your teacher a bottle of the real thing!

gin shimmer, gin gift, gin and tonic,
Gin glass with Gin shimmer is a great for gin lovers for under £15

Giftologist Tip: Teacher’s love a drink!

6-And Relax ..

Candles are safe but they are a good gifts for teachers as they sum up what teachers really need at the end of the school year, a bit of time to relax! Be it in the garden on a long summers evening or in a relaxing bubble bath, candles help set the mood and tone for relaxation.

scented candles
Pintail candles only £6 perfect token gift

Candles come in all shapes and sizes and smells, so you can pick the right candle for your teacher and your price point. We love pintail tin candles simple but effective with a great choice of scents and great value for money. Alternatively, if you want to splash out Stoneglow Candles smell amazing and come in gorgeously designed glass jars. Whichever you choose it’s one of our top teacher gifts!

stoneglow candles
Stoneglow candles smell divine and look so pretty!

Giftologist Tip – Can’t go wrong with candles!

7-Take the Easy Option

If you really cant decide on what makes a good gift for teachers then gift vouchers will always be a safe bet. Choose their favourite shop which sells lovely things, try to support an independent shop if you can, or go for a big brand like John Lewis with lots of choice. Team it with a sweet treat and show your appreciation, save yourself the time and stress of trying t find a gift. It’s a myth that gift vouchers are impersonal if you choose the right shop your teacher will be very grateful you did’t buy them another mug!!

Choose independent shops for a more unique Gift Voucher

Giftologist Tip – Gift Vouchers are not a cop out !

A right Royal affair – bringing a royal touch to the wedding season

Wedding Season is upon is and to kick start it all we have a Royal Wedding to get all gushy over!

What will Meghan’s dress be like? What will the Queen wear? What will Kate the Duchess of Cambridge wear? Will Prince George and Princess Charlotte be part of the wedding party? And what about the outfit for little Prince Louis?

Before you get too carried away, you no doubt have your own weddings to attend that are just as special to you.

The invitation

As soon as that wedding invitation hits your letterbox, your head is probably full of outfits, hats and shoes but have you stopped to think about the gift?

If the uninspiring Gift Registry List has fallen out with the invitation, you’re either going to fit into one of two camps. Great, I’ll pick something in my budget and don’t need to think about it anymore, or no way! I want to get something personal, something that means more than a toaster or kettle.

Here at Antique Rose, we are all about matching the perfect gift to the perfect recipient. Indeed, we have painted one of our bespoke signs to send to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to celebrate their wedding with a personal present.

Make it personal

Every love story is unique and presenting a gift to remind the wedded couple of this is a personal and unique way to say I care, I’ve followed your love story too and I want to wish you the very best.

Attending a wedding is also being part of this love story. Perhaps you are mother-of-the-bride or the bride’s sister or best friend, or maybe it’s your brother getting married and you helped introduce him to his future bride. Whatever the story, the sentiment is the same – you want to give a gift as unique and personal as this love story.

Choosing a gift that can have a bespoke and special message written on it, or will spell the couples name or initials, will really speak from the heart. And, if you are the bride or groom, giving your best man, bridesmaids or ushers a personalised gift also shows how unique and special they are to your wedding day.

A Royal touch

Nothing says royalty like gold and gifting items with that gold sparkle will really stand out from the crowd.

Gifting gold at a wedding goes far back in history but is no longer a modern tradition. Instead, modern gifting of gold is no longer just limited to precious metal. Think gold sparkles, gold writing, gold candles and hues of rose gold, which are all just as precious when gifted in unique ways.

A cushion with Mr & Mrs written on it in gold for the happy couple to snuggle up on the sofa together will always be a reminder of their special day and the loving sentiment you gave, as will a set of gold mugs to toast their morning coffee each day.

Choosing a gold gift makes a loving, sparkly statement that will be treasured for years to come.Dress to impress

Okay, so, we did tell you to focus on the gift, but we do have to mention getting the right accessories! After all, you need a gift for yourself!

Choosing the perfect jewellery for your outfit is essential but you may not have a huge budget. Costume jewellery is ideal for this situation, particularly costume jewellery that is good quality and unique. A statement necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings will really finish off an outfit and will always bring happy memories each time you wear them again.

Similarly, a wrap or handbag is a stylish way to accessorise your outfit. Scarves add beautiful and complementary colours to an outfit and also make a great wrap for a chilly evening.

Just think of them as gifts to you to celebrate your loved one’s love and be a constant reminder of that happy day.

Love is in the air

Capturing the happiness and love during the day is so much easier these days with smart phones, or you could leave it to the professionals!

However, buying the perfect frame to capture that moment is a gift to treasure forever. Choose from frames with gold for that royal touch, or ones with the perfect sentiment: Love, Mr & Mrs, Our Love Story Never Ends

Alternatively, choose a frame that matches the couple’s home décor, or reminds them of where they met on holiday by selecting styles that show you know their love story and want to gift them a permanent reminder.

Cheers to the new Mr & Mrs

If you’re struggling to find a gift because it’s a couple you don’t know very well, perhaps a work colleague, or couples on their second or third marriage, or couples who insist on not wanting a big gift, opt for the Mr & Mrs theme.

In hues of gold or black and white for that monochrome look, Mr & Mrs gifts come in many varieties. Frames, cushions, mugs, glasses – all of them shout out what the wedding day is all about, becoming Mr & Mrs. A reminder of this sentiment alone is perfect for those you know well and love and for those you don’t know too well. While not necessarily unique, these gifts do add a personal touch because there is no other Mr & Mrs than them.

These also make excellent post-wedding gifts because now the couple are finally Mr & Mrs!


If you must stick to the list

We understand that sometimes it is easier to stick to Registry Gift Lists, particularly if the couple are very insistent. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go slightly off track and choose a unique gift.

Adding a hanging sentiment inside a card will be a welcome surprise and much loved and treasured keepsake. Hanging sentiments can range from a simple Mr & Mrs message, to a more profound quote about love, friendship and forever.

Keepsakes also make excellent tags or additional ways to add that personal touch to the wrapping. After all, the wrapping of the gift is just as important and can be as elaborate or as subtle as you choose, perhaps matching the wedding theme, or highlighting that personal part of their love story.

Similarly, the card needs careful consideration as it will no doubt be part of a treasure box of the special day. Go for humour, sentiment, style or just because it is the perfect fit.


Don’t forget…

Lastly, don’t forget those little gifts you might want to give to the bride or groom because they are so very special to you.

Perhaps a lucky sixpence, or a garter with a splash of blue, or maybe even a trinket dish or box to keep their wedding rings in, or a coaster to remind them that they are a prosecco princess forever, despite becoming a Mrs!

It’s all about keeping it personal and unique to the recipient and showing your love through the thoughtfulness of your perfect gift.

Choosing a gift fit for Princes and Princesses everywhere!

The birth of the new Royal baby Prince Louis has got everyone feeling happy and perhaps a little bit broody and to mark the occasion the lucky little prince will be getting a bespoke gift from Antique Rose.

All babies are princes and princesses for us; precious new additions to families and friend’s families. Choosing the perfect gift can, however, be tricky as you want to show your love and thoughtfulness beyond a pack of vests or baby grows and if it’s baby number 2, 3 or 4, you want to give that little new born something different from its other siblings.

We’ve put together a guide to help you choose that perfect gift. To help you think outside of the box and equate how precious and loved they are.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star

We all know the rhyme and each little baby is a shining star in our lives, so why not use the phrase to show your love with a thoughtful gift? Choose from bibs, vests, muslins, cards and hanging tokens to gift a sentiment that will be treasured forever. These gifts can also be personalised with baby’s name and come in a choice of blue, pink and grey, complementing the baby’s gender and your style and décor.

Rufus Rabbit

The stunning Rufus Rabbit range, designed in Derby by Anna Danielle, comes in beautiful packaging, creating a gift worthy to place at the feet of a new arrival. Available in pink or blue, choose from soft and delicate bibs in a gorgeous envelope, squishy and squidgy comfort rabbits hiding in a little box or bag, or rattling and cuddly rabbits with matching jingly shoes! Many of our customers love to opt for this range because of the beautiful design and presentation.

A picture says a thousand words

We all want to capture that first new born moment, that first smile, that first yawn, that first giggle and keep it forever. What better way to preserve it than in a beautiful frame adorned with baby related images or subtle sparkles. We have an extensive range, including ones with writing to convey the perfect message, or we can create a bespoke frame in-house.

What’s in a name?

We often recommend bunting to our customers because it really is a unique and stunning way to say ‘welcome’ to a new baby. Choose from ceramic hearts, red and blue style bunting, pink florals or neutral hessian browns. Bunting is also a wonderful way to add colour and personalise the nursery and don’t forget the educational element! As baby grows, you can teach him or her the letters in their name! Personalised bunting is an excellent way to give a bespoke gift that is available immediately, great if it’s a last-minute purchase as baby has made an unexpected early arrival! It’s also a great opportunity to spell out other sentiments – love, joy, baby, nursery… The list is as endless as your love.

Precious and personal

A personalised hanging decoration or sign made exclusively for the new baby is a completely unique way to show your love and will be a forever treasured gift. Our expert team can make a bespoke sign or you can write a personal message on the back of one of our chalk board painted hanging decorations. A little star has been born and needs treasuring and celebrating. We also have a range of ceramic hanging decorations with beautiful sentiments that speak straight from the heart.

Sunshine, flowers and rose gold!

Hooray, it’s time for summer after what seems like the longest winter ever is finally over!

We’re super excited about our new summer collection and have been spurred on by the recent mini heatwave to do a Facebook Live to showcase our fabulous new products.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail customer service and wanted to pass on some first-hand Summer style inspiration to show you our new and larger collections to help you build your unique style, staying on trend with affordable products that are great quality, offer diverse use options and come in beautiful packaging perfect for treating your loved ones or yourself!




We always stay one step ahead of the new trends and this season we bring you the best of the new colours and patterns for that Summer inspiration. Look out for orange and coral, mustard, greens, pinks and turquoise amidst tropical and botanical patterns, with monkeys, parrots, flamingos and pineapples! Complementing our brand colours and with the always stylish and on-trend addition of rose gold.


This year we have introduced hats to our collection in two different styles. All from the beautiful Powder Collection, the traditional style large summer hat comes in a lovely orange and will keep you stylishly cool in the summer sun. The cowboy style hat, in orange and grey, offers an affordable, stylish and squashable option, perfect to transport on your summer adventures, whether that’s on a holiday abroad, a festival, a picnic or a girl’s day out! The hats have an innovative band inside to change the size to fit your head so it really is one size fits all! The icing on the cake is the beautiful hat box it comes in – a wonderful gift for you or a lovely lady who needs a stylish hat.


We are well known for our scarves and always have an extensive range of options. Scarves are great for introducing colour to an outfit, adding an extra layer of warmth and being an additional versatile piece of clothing – think wrap, sarong, blanket!

This season, we have extended our selection of Powder scarves, which are slightly bigger and offer versatile use from being a scarf worn in different ways, a wrap, a sarong or a stylish spontaneous blanket to sit on! All of the Powder scarves come in beautiful packaging, making it a great gift with an added wow factor.

We have many scarves with different textures, weights, colours, designs, patterns – it is almost impossible to make a decision on which one to choose! You really need to see them to appreciate the beauty of the patterns and colours. Don’t worry if you are having trouble making a decision on which one to buy, we’ll be introducing a great offer soon…


Floaty and versatile, ponchos are perfect for the beach or as a top to wear with jeans and bring in the new on-trend glorious colours to your wardrobe as our summer slowly creeps in. Easy to transport as they fold up small, have minimal creasing, they are great to keep on you to update an outfit or have at all times in your beach bag.

The Powder ponchos come in beautiful packaging, as do the sarongs, which actually come in their own box. What a beautiful gift to give!

If you’ve seen our Facebook Live, you know we discuss there are many ways to wear a sarong, just as there are many ways to wear a scarf. Sarongs are a perfect quick cover up that can also double up as a scarf or wrap, or even as a home accessory! Why not lay the sarong out on your bed or back of the sofa to bring that tropical summer feel into your home!


Our ever-popular Powder socks are back for the season in four new designs and in different lengths – think ladybirds, monkeys, unicorns rabbits! Perfect with shorts and wellies for that boho chic festival look or choose the ankle socks with pumps – very on trend with the frilly décor at the top. These make great gifts for teenagers and there is enough choice for all age groups. We recommend them for festivals, summer walks, picnics, chilly evenings, concerts… Keep them all year round for those memories of summer. The added benefit is that they are made from bamboo and keep your feet cool, even on the hottest of days.


We all love a bag and this season we have gone for two options – large and smaller across-the-body style.

In fabulous oranges and rose gold, the larger bags from Powder have a drawstring across the top to keep all of your belongings safe and clean – perfect for the beach, shopping, a day out, travelling, hand luggage. These good strong quality bags are beautifully lined and make a real statement. Ideal as a day to night bag too.

We have brought in some new styles in our Lua range, which really are the perfect travelling bag. Across your body, these bags are big enough for essentials but not too big to take over your body. Easy to grab your passport, phone, purse, lipstick from, they are super stylish and on trend with rose gold, stars, flamingos, sausage dogs, pinks and grey. Perfect for all year round to keep that splash of colour in your style.


Our new collections are perfect to accessorise your summer wardrobe – Dansk and Pilgrim our favourite collections are silver or rose gold plated and really make a statement without being intrusive. The Dansk necklaces have an innovative clasp that enables the wearer to hang the necklace at different lengths, while many of the Pilgrim necklaces are made to wear at different lengths. This really is stylish statement jewellery at affordable prices keeping you on trend and with its own beautiful packaging, perfect gifts.



Whether you want to keep a drink hot or cold – we have the perfect option. Our new range of bottles are vacuum sealed and do not leak! The bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours and always tastes fresh. Say goodbye to warm water in the sun and no more excuses not to drink your recommended 2 litres of water! We also love these because they are not plastic and are reusable and long lasting. We’re running low and are waiting for more stock so look out for the lovely bright colours – yellow, green and pink.

We also have the option of cups which keep drinks hot for 6 hours and to be honest, a bit longer than that. There is a new design now in stock with an innovative lid, providing a no-leak, fully sealed cup. In beautiful rose gold it’s a must have to avoid more coffee spills on your top!

These also make wonderful gifts to make sure our loved ones get their two litres of water a day or their morning caffeine kick!

Lunch bags

Are you fed up with taking your lunch out in a plastic bag and also want to do your bit for the environment in style? Our range of insulated lunch bags are not only stylish, but they are practical too with a zip closure. Gift yourself or your loved one a stylish way to pack lunch and take it to the beach, on a picnic, to a festival or ladies day at Ascot! Or simply to be the stylish lady at work! In lovely creams, greys and pinks with gold detailing, these fit really well with our brand.

Look out for new foldaway shopping bags in this style…  These make for perfect teacher gifts…

Make sure you watch our Facebook Live Video (click the image below) to find out how to get a free gift and earn loyalty points to access more free gifts and discounts! 



Gift happiness this Easter without resorting to a chocolate egg!

Easter is usually all about chocolate, however, not everyone likes chocolate – crazy! – or can eat chocolate, so how do you help them celebrate instead?

Easter is all about celebrating Spring, new life, new beginnings in nature and saying goodbye to dreary old Winter in the hope – fingers crossed – of sunshine and longer, lighter days. Therefore, while chocolate may be a popular option for some, there are many alternatives.

Cute and fluffy bunnies

As one of Easter’s symbols, bunnies come in all shapes and sizes and can be gifted in many different ways. Children will love cute, fluffy and cuddly bunnies, while teenagers and adults will love bunny ornaments to bring a smile to their face as these delightful creatures remind us of Spring and bouncing around in the sunshine.

A timeless classic

With the new Peter Rabbit film currently in cinemas, gifting a cuddly Peter Rabbit or other character will be a constant reminder of family fun-filled Easter holidays watching the film, as well as reminding others of Peter Rabbit from their childhood and passing this timeless and fun character through generation to generation.

Make them into a bunny!

While cuddly or decorative bunnies are a wonderful way to celebrate Easter, why not go one step further and make yourself or your little ones into a bunny! Giving them the opportunity to dress up as a bunny for an Easter Egg Hunt, or indeed for the whole holiday, will definitely bring the fun and excitement of the season.

Crafty creations

Take the ‘be a bunny’ theme further and get children to decorate a Spring bonnet with Easter themed decorations and keep this long-held tradition going. Cute chicks, little – or big – eggs are ideal decorations, in all the wonderful colours of Spring. You could always make it a family tradition and hold an Easter bonnet parade!

Personalise it

Bespoke tags and tokens are a wonderful and permanent way to spread love and Easter decorations are no exception. Hanging wooden tags can be personalised with names or instructions for an Easter Egg Hunt; why not line them along the way with hints and tips on where to find those hidden eggs!


Eggs but not chocolate

You can’t really have Easter without eggs but they do not need to be of the chocolate variety! Colourful ceramic, glass and wooden eggs make ideal presents to gift the welcoming of Spring in all its glorious colours and can be the start of a lifetime of Easter decorations to treasure and evoke memories.

If there must be chocolate…

Why not send it in a card?! Okay, so chocolate has snuck in but it doesn’t have to be a giant egg that never actually gets eaten. Subtle chocolate lollies, mini eggs in a card or slices of chocolate pizza are all great alternatives and just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Spring into Easter! How to decorate your home for the season …

It’s time to bring in the fun of Easter and decorate your home with delightful decorations in shades of Spring and touches of on-trend metallics.

What do you think of when you think of Easter? Chocolates? Eggs? Bunnies? Family? Fun? Spring? All of these essential elements are part of the magic of Easter and present the perfect opportunity to welcome in new beginnings – Spring, longer days, nature’s colourful palette, outdoor fun, picnics…

It’s also the perfect time to update your home with new Spring colours and bring the magic of Easter inside.

Easter is fast becoming the new Christmas and the opportunity to celebrate and creatively welcome in the new season, but how exactly do you celebrate without just overdosing on chocolate eggs, chocolate eggs and more chocolate eggs?

Easter trees

Like Christmas trees, Easter trees are fast becoming a popular way to celebrate Easter, with its roots originated in a centuries-old German tradition of decorating trees and bushes with Easter eggs, known as the Ostereierbaum. This tradition is also found in Austria, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic.

These spectacular and beautiful trees look stunning with Easter-themed decorations and give the opportunity to really embrace the coming of Spring and all the wonderful colours Spring’s palette has to offer.

Choose your style and make a centre piece at your Easter table. Popular colours include pastel shades of Spring, bright yellows or trendy metallics and, particularly, rose gold.

Hanging decorations

Choosing hanging decorations for your Easter tree is as exciting as choosing decorations for your Christmas tree and you can put on as many or as little as you want. Beautiful and delicate glass or ceramic eggs are popular, painted in traditional Spring colours or in traditional spotty egg patterns. Rose gold eggs look particularly stunning on white or rose gold trees and bring a modern twist to Easter.

Other options include chicks, ducks, lambs and bunnies – all perfect reminders of Spring and the beginning of new life and warmer, longer days.

Alongside creating an Easter showcase at your table, these beautiful decorations are also great for gifting or assigning to each of your guests, representing your Easter family for your Easter gathering. Children will be particularly delighted to be part of this.

Easter bunnies

While eggs are synonymous with Easter, so too are bunnies. An ancient symbol of fertility and new life, it is alleged that the Easter bunny first arrived in America in the 1700s with German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania and transported their tradition of an egg-laying hare called Osterhase. Children would make nests in which the Osterhause could lay its colourful eggs and this has evolved to the chocolates and sweets we have today, including the popular Easter Egg Hunt to find eggs left by the Easter Bunny.

Decorating with Easter bunnies nestled in a bed of carrots or amongst Spring flowers is perfect to bring the magic of Easter inside and can be an additional cute and fun part of an Easter Egg Hunt with the bunnies as part of the prize.

Chicks and more

There are lots of other ways to decorate for Easter, including cute ornaments and snow globes, as well as larger decorations keeping with the Easter theme and introducing chicks and lambs. These can be instead of a tree or complement your Easter decorations. How much you decorate for Easter is really up to you! It’s all about bringing those Spring colours into your home and brightening it up as we say goodbye to Winter and hello to sunshine – we hope!

Don’t forget THE Easter Egg Hunt

A huge necessity for Easter morning is the hunt for Easter treats left by the Easter Bunny. Children love this tradition so make it all the more special for them with dressing up accessories and the best baskets to collect their goodies in.

Funky bunny or carrot ears are a fun addition to a hunt, while Easter bonnets are also deeply steeped in tradition to represent the beginning of spring with a new bonnet. Children love to create their own bonnets and decorate with Easter themed decorations and are a marvellous way to celebrate the fun of Easter, with time off for crafty creations.

How do you celebrate a mum in a million?

Mum, mummy, mother, mama – whatever you call her or whoever she is, she is amazing and so very special to you. In fact, she is probably so special and precious that you cannot really capture what she means to you in words: selfless, dependable, amazing, strong, greatest, beautiful, love, stylish, smart, happy, caring, treasured, adored, brilliant, precious, amazing, marvellous … let alone a gift. She is simply a mum in a million.

The blessing of a mother in your life, whether she is your birth mother, adopted mother, step-mother, your godmother, aunt, grandmother, nanny or another marvellous lady who is instrumental in your life, it all comes down to the love you have for her and the love she has for you.

While we love our mums every single day, Mothering Sunday gives us the opportunity to really celebrate her and say thank you. An opportunity to tell her that she is appreciated and all of those wonderful words that describe her.

However, how can you show this fabulous lady just how wonderful she is and how much you love her? Can a gift really say all of these things and more?

A celebration

The gift should be a celebration of the uniqueness of your mum and the unique relationship you have. It needs to be personal and speak a thousand words. It needs to convey a personal message from the heart. It needs to touch her soul as she has touched yours. It needs to show how much she means to you. It’s also an opportunity to spread this love across families and generations. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune, instead it’s about the thought behind it. Not a last-minute rush to grab chocolates and flowers from the nearest shop or petrol station but a thought-out gift to celebrate your mum in a million.

Say it with words

Yes, there will never be enough words to tell your mum just what she means to you but you can get close withthoughtful gifts with meaningful words. Why not celebrate this special day by bringing her breakfast in bed with a cup of tea in a special mug just for mum – it’s got her name on it so no one can sneakily borrow it! Couple this with the perfect card that says just how you feel in her favourite colours or style to show that you do get her, even if you’re a dad steering your young children to choose the right one.

Mums give the best cuddles, so reserve her space on the sofa ready for cuddles and precious time together with a cushion that says just that – reserved for mum! Knowing that there is always a special place for mum will bring a smile to her face every time she sits down.

There are so many options to help you celebrate your mum with carefully chosen words, from frames to trinket dishes, mugs and glasses to cushions, make up bags, tokens – all with that special message that you want your mum to know. I love you. You are beautiful. You are marvellous. You are amazing. You are my friend.

Spread the love

It’s important to teach our children the importance of showing love and appreciation and for those wonderful little people they want special gifts for their mummies. To them, they may not quite yet understand all the other words adults can use but the most important word to them is mummy. This is a great opportunity for dads to step in, or other family members, and guide those little ones. Imagine their delight each time mummy has a drink from a special mug that they chose, or a frame with a favourite photo capturing precious memories. She no doubt loves them to the moon and back and children will love to pass this message back to her in a variety of ways from tokens to cards; better still, why not steer them to buy mum a card with sweets in. Two presents in one! For those of you based in Wokingham, she surely is the best Mummy in Wokingham and children will love to boast that this is the perfect description for their mummy.

Find her perfect…

Mums aren’t just mums and have their favourite hobbies or styles that we know and love them for. For those mums who love a nice smelling house, why not choose a candle or diffuser that evokes memories of holidays or their favourite tipple. Reminding them of special memories is a great theme for a gift. For those mums who could always throw a picnic together and took you to the park, why not do the same with a stylish lunch bag and cup and take your mum to a favourite spot. Or gift your mum another stylish scarf or bag, reminding her that you do know exactly what she likes. Keeping your mum up with the trends is easy with timeless and beautiful jewellery as precious as she is and a thoughtful gift knowing exactly what your mum would like.

If your mum is a list maker or recipe collector then funky stationary is a must; definitely one for a marvellous mum. Showing your mum how well you know her is so very special, down to the tiniest detail.

For all types of mums

There are so many types of mums in the world and the love of a mum transcends generations and families. It may be that your grandma brought you up or has been a key figure in your life, or your auntie needs reminding how special she is and that she is just like a mum to you. It can be difficult to celebrate these ladies when everything says mum or mummy. You need to find a gift that is personal to them and speaks to their heart as well. Again, it should be a reflection of how well you know them and the unique relationship you have. Finding a gift with words to celebrate being grandma’s pride and joy or to say thank you for being a supportive nanny is not always easy. If you can’t find the right words then it’s important to capture their special essence too – do they need spoiling with bath bombs or a spontaneous afternoon tea with a mug cake? Or their initials on a gold mug or rose gold necklace to keep you forever close to their hearts.

Whatever you choose and for whoever it is intended, don’t forget the finer details. Mums spend hours wrapping presents and making them look inviting and special so don’t forget to return this favour too!

Show me the love!!

In these budget conscious times, romance and expressing love can often take a back burner. However, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we all have the opportunity – or excuse – to show our love. Yet the question we all find ourselves asking is how do you find that perfect gift that says exactly what you feel and doesn’t cost a small fortune?

Whether you love or loathe Valentine’s Day, there really is no way to avoid it, unless you lock yourself away for 24 hours and be possibly the most unpopular person in your household! Instead, why not ignore the commercial element and simply embrace it for what it is really all about – LOVE.

Each year can get more and more difficult to find an original and non-corny way to say ‘I love you’ but it doesn’t necessarily have to be about a grand gesture, it should be about showing that you care, that you do think of those you love, whether it’s your children, partner, mum or dad. While many may argue that ‘I don’t need a day to show my love’, how often do you really make a spontaneous gesture and give your loved one a special moment?

Do you remember that moment in the film Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise’s character reels off a big speech to win Renee Zellweger’s character over and she says “You had me at hello”? It’s about celebrating your moment again with each other – or creating a new one. A reminder that yes, you do drive me mad leaving dirty dishwater in the sink, but I love you. I appreciate you. You complete me.

What would be their perfect gift?

We all have a unique story and finding that special someone is precious, and so should be the gift. It should reflect what that person means to you, perhaps a cheeky reminder of a funny date, the phrase that you always say to them, or that they are your Prosecco Queen.  It’s about celebrating what you love about them and showing how well you know them with a unique gift, maybe a personalised gift, but certainly a gift that says a thousand words and lasts forever.

Find your picture of love

A picture can say a thousand words and beautiful cards are no exception. The image may be just the simplicity of a heart, or it may have words of love or Valentine on the front, but there is always the space inside to write how you feel. We all appreciate and feel special when someone has taken the time to write from the heart inside a card. Use this opportunity to say what you feel. Remember a special moment. Choose the card to match how you feel. Cards give endless options to convey how we feel and are a constant reminder.

Who do you love to the moon and back?

Who hasn’t heard the phrase ‘Love you to the moon and back’ and not melted at the sentiment? Many say it to their partners and children and for many couples and families this phrase is a visual and constant reminder that you are loved. It may be a trinket dish that brings a smile and warm fuzzy feeling inside each time you put your rings in it, a beautiful and cosy cushion on your bed, or it may be a warm drink in the mug your loved one gave you saying ‘Love you to the moon and back’. The beauty of this phrase is that it is universal – perfect for your spouse, partner, son, daughter, mum, dad, aunt, sister, friend… the list is endless.

The instant glow of love

The subtle glow of a candle is often enough to create a romantic atmosphere and express your feelings. It may simply be a candle with a heart on it, or it could be a mojito candle, reminding you of drunken first dates. Perhaps it’s the smell of Spring and romantic lazy picnics, or a candle which evokes the memories of freshly laundered bed linen and lazy days in bed. Candles also create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner and will be a warm, glowing reminder each time it is lit.

Finding the right words

Why not make it really personal and choose wooden letters to spell out a message or nickname, or select letter candles to spell out LOVE on the table for a romantic night in. Perhaps it’s your first Valentine’s Day together and you want a personal item with your beloved’s name and date on. Personalised gifts really are from the heart and show just how thoughtful you have been.

Your special token of love

Hanging tokens or pebbles with lovely sentiments are can create a visual display for your loved one or family. Perhaps you can start a collection of pebbles to keep around the house displaying those key words declaring how you feel – LOVE, HOPE, CHERISH… Other hanging tokens may say just what you feel and this gift will also be a constant reminder of your love. Alternatively, you may want to decorate an entire wall with hanging hearts and create a shrine of love in your home. You can always personalise this too.

Does your loved one have a sweet tooth?

Why not give your loved one a sweet and delicious slice of love? This could be a chocolate pizza symbolising both of their favourite things, or a heart chocolate to share – or not. For those with a passion for sweets, the hidden surprise in a card will surely make them smile. All ideal gifts for every member of your family.

Say it in style

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, nothing says I love You better than a beautiful and stylish piece of jewellery. A rose gold or silver heart on a chain or decorated around a bracelet will be a beautiful and glamorous reminder of your love. Why not add a personalised touch and choose the initials of your children on a necklace to seal the complete circle of family love?

Frame your special moment

Capture that perfect moment and gift it to your loved one in a beautiful frame, perhaps one with hearts on or a phrase. This simple gesture will show how thoughtful you are and just how much you treasure your memories as well.

What’s their favourite tipple?

We all remember boozy dates, whether it was those first few nervous ones or the ones you now sneak in around work and children. Is your partner a gin lover or a prosecco princess? Choosing a gift that is about their favourite drink or an in-joke of special dates is a sure way to show your love and thoughtfulness.

Teaching your little ones the gift of love

Valentine’s Day is, after all, a day of love, so why not include your children? A small token of love, weather it is a hairband bracelet with a heart on, a mini cuddly toy, or a unicorn or star light for their room, spreading the gift of love throughout your family is a beautiful way to teach them about love and the importance of showing it.

Let them choose!

They’ll probably surprise you too and want to buy you a token of love! Dad’s beware – you’ll need to guide your children! Imagine mum’s face when she gets a beautiful token with precious words written on it or a necklace with her children’s initials. Dad’s are never as easy to buy for but a thoughtful hand written or drawn note on the back of a heart pebble or a heart chalk board will melt even the most manly of men! Failing that – chocolate lollies rule!

Finally, don’t forget the wrapping. Even simple tissue paper and a bow will ooze excitement and speak volumes about the thought you have put in. If you lack that final finesse, you can always call in the experts and get it wrapped for you!