Show me the love!!

In these budget conscious times, romance and expressing love can often take a back burner. However, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we all have the opportunity – or excuse – to show our love. Yet the question we all find ourselves asking is how do you find that perfect gift that says exactly what you feel and doesn’t cost a small fortune?

Whether you love or loathe Valentine’s Day, there really is no way to avoid it, unless you lock yourself away for 24 hours and be possibly the most unpopular person in your household! Instead, why not ignore the commercial element and simply embrace it for what it is really all about – LOVE.

Each year can get more and more difficult to find an original and non-corny way to say ‘I love you’ but it doesn’t necessarily have to be about a grand gesture, it should be about showing that you care, that you do think of those you love, whether it’s your children, partner, mum or dad. While many may argue that ‘I don’t need a day to show my love’, how often do you really make a spontaneous gesture and give your loved one a special moment?

Do you remember that moment in the film Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise’s character reels off a big speech to win Renee Zellweger’s character over and she says “You had me at hello”? It’s about celebrating your moment again with each other – or creating a new one. A reminder that yes, you do drive me mad leaving dirty dishwater in the sink, but I love you. I appreciate you. You complete me.

What would be their perfect gift?

We all have a unique story and finding that special someone is precious, and so should be the gift. It should reflect what that person means to you, perhaps a cheeky reminder of a funny date, the phrase that you always say to them, or that they are your Prosecco Queen.  It’s about celebrating what you love about them and showing how well you know them with a unique gift, maybe a personalised gift, but certainly a gift that says a thousand words and lasts forever.

Find your picture of love

A picture can say a thousand words and beautiful cards are no exception. The image may be just the simplicity of a heart, or it may have words of love or Valentine on the front, but there is always the space inside to write how you feel. We all appreciate and feel special when someone has taken the time to write from the heart inside a card. Use this opportunity to say what you feel. Remember a special moment. Choose the card to match how you feel. Cards give endless options to convey how we feel and are a constant reminder.

Who do you love to the moon and back?

Who hasn’t heard the phrase ‘Love you to the moon and back’ and not melted at the sentiment? Many say it to their partners and children and for many couples and families this phrase is a visual and constant reminder that you are loved. It may be a trinket dish that brings a smile and warm fuzzy feeling inside each time you put your rings in it, a beautiful and cosy cushion on your bed, or it may be a warm drink in the mug your loved one gave you saying ‘Love you to the moon and back’. The beauty of this phrase is that it is universal – perfect for your spouse, partner, son, daughter, mum, dad, aunt, sister, friend… the list is endless.

The instant glow of love

The subtle glow of a candle is often enough to create a romantic atmosphere and express your feelings. It may simply be a candle with a heart on it, or it could be a mojito candle, reminding you of drunken first dates. Perhaps it’s the smell of Spring and romantic lazy picnics, or a candle which evokes the memories of freshly laundered bed linen and lazy days in bed. Candles also create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner and will be a warm, glowing reminder each time it is lit.

Finding the right words

Why not make it really personal and choose wooden letters to spell out a message or nickname, or select letter candles to spell out LOVE on the table for a romantic night in. Perhaps it’s your first Valentine’s Day together and you want a personal item with your beloved’s name and date on. Personalised gifts really are from the heart and show just how thoughtful you have been.

Your special token of love

Hanging tokens or pebbles with lovely sentiments are can create a visual display for your loved one or family. Perhaps you can start a collection of pebbles to keep around the house displaying those key words declaring how you feel – LOVE, HOPE, CHERISH… Other hanging tokens may say just what you feel and this gift will also be a constant reminder of your love. Alternatively, you may want to decorate an entire wall with hanging hearts and create a shrine of love in your home. You can always personalise this too.

Does your loved one have a sweet tooth?

Why not give your loved one a sweet and delicious slice of love? This could be a chocolate pizza symbolising both of their favourite things, or a heart chocolate to share – or not. For those with a passion for sweets, the hidden surprise in a card will surely make them smile. All ideal gifts for every member of your family.

Say it in style

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, nothing says I love You better than a beautiful and stylish piece of jewellery. A rose gold or silver heart on a chain or decorated around a bracelet will be a beautiful and glamorous reminder of your love. Why not add a personalised touch and choose the initials of your children on a necklace to seal the complete circle of family love?

Frame your special moment

Capture that perfect moment and gift it to your loved one in a beautiful frame, perhaps one with hearts on or a phrase. This simple gesture will show how thoughtful you are and just how much you treasure your memories as well.

What’s their favourite tipple?

We all remember boozy dates, whether it was those first few nervous ones or the ones you now sneak in around work and children. Is your partner a gin lover or a prosecco princess? Choosing a gift that is about their favourite drink or an in-joke of special dates is a sure way to show your love and thoughtfulness.

Teaching your little ones the gift of love

Valentine’s Day is, after all, a day of love, so why not include your children? A small token of love, weather it is a hairband bracelet with a heart on, a mini cuddly toy, or a unicorn or star light for their room, spreading the gift of love throughout your family is a beautiful way to teach them about love and the importance of showing it.

Let them choose!

They’ll probably surprise you too and want to buy you a token of love! Dad’s beware – you’ll need to guide your children! Imagine mum’s face when she gets a beautiful token with precious words written on it or a necklace with her children’s initials. Dad’s are never as easy to buy for but a thoughtful hand written or drawn note on the back of a heart pebble or a heart chalk board will melt even the most manly of men! Failing that – chocolate lollies rule!

Finally, don’t forget the wrapping. Even simple tissue paper and a bow will ooze excitement and speak volumes about the thought you have put in. If you lack that final finesse, you can always call in the experts and get it wrapped for you!

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